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We Are Good Company

Good Company is the only fundraising platform in the world that uses profit, from selling airtime and data, to help our users raise the money they need.

Every time we sell airtime or data on our platform, we return 60% of our profit to our users, to be donated to those who request for funds for one reason or the other, using our unique fundraising algorithm.

No Extra Charges, No Affiliate Marketing, No Lottery, No Ponzi and No Time Wasting.

No More Excuses!

Now, you have no excuse for not starting that business, paying those bills and achieving those financial goals. Because, for as long as you buy airtime and data in Nigeria, you can now raise any amount of money you need just by following these 4 simple steps:

1. Register & Requests for Funds

After completing your registration, click the 'Request for Funds' button in your dashboard to request for as much money as you need. You can requests for more funds at anytime

2. Recharge & Earn Points

Whenever you or someone you know needs to buy airtime (Glo only) or data (Glo & MTN only), just click on the 'Recharge & Earn Points' button in your dashboard, fund your wallet, buy your airtime or data and earn points. You will earn 1 Point for every =N=100 you spend and you will get the exact value of what you pay for, instantly, at no extra charges.

3. Donate Your Points to Others

You will see Fundraising Requests from other users in your dashboard, click the 'Donate' button and donate as many points as you want to them. For every 1 Point you donate, we give =N=1 to the Fundraising Request until the financial goal of that request is 100% completed.

4. Get Funded Too!

Every time you are Number 1 on the Donation Table when a request becomes 100% completed, one of your own requests will go live to receive points donations from every other users, we give you =N=1 for every 1 point you receive until your request is 100% completed and you can withdraw your money into your bank account at anytime.

You Pledge.
We Pay.

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